(Network and data management for successful businesses;

non-stop at partners’ disposal)

SysAdmin 1

Represents the IT system management and/or optimization service of a company. BSD provides with:

  • the audit/control of the IT system – that means evaluating the equipment, its capacity and efficacy for the business needs (where there is one in place)
  • designing the necessary network, with the possibility of relocating the information on cloud servers. Their main benefits are enabling the quick intervention and problem fixing from distance, saving costs with traffic, maintenance or updating.
  • Implementing and managing the IT system with permanent monitoring and reports on efficacy.
Absolute Security
Absolute Security 2

Sensible data secutity is possible by creating daily safety copies of all information in the system; our top quality equipment can be either purchased or rented so that your emergency solutions don’t let you down.

Assistance 3

Refers both to the technical support BSD provides for companies, and to the specialized counseling for their staff. The infrastructure projects implemented by BSD benefit from permanent control and maintenance during the contract, offering the guarantee for good functioning, stability and safety of the entire system. As a plus, each user of the IT systems managed by BSD is given permanent support for any problem that may appear.

The Infrastructure
The Infrastructure 4

plays a crucial role in the development of any business. Unfortunately, in real world we still get stuck in traffic or in mud, we drive on imperfect roads or highways that, instead of helping us get as fast as we want, they slow us down…

In the universe of information, the infrastructure is designed for each and every business, so that it serves perfectly its specific needs and expectations; custom networks, no obstacles traffic conditions, maximum data security.

Data Center 5

means “the servers room” or cloud. Its potential to sustain the company needs requires solid knowledge about the industry trends, and choosing the highest standard storage, back up and security solutions for the data. BSD has the most modern, stable and convenient solutions for it partners, both for in-house IT management and for the externalization of hosting and data management in their own data center.

Data Center
Optimizing 6

the IT system represents the process of enhancing the capacity of the infrastructure the company has in place. Upon request, the BSD experts offer the analisys and check-up of the existing infrastructure and recommend ideal solutions for the optimum functioning of the equipments at the lowest prices